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New EP
Order Givvi's new EP,
'Deathfan’, from Bandcamp.

About Givvi

Welcome to the website of Givvi Flynn – Singer, guitarist and sometime songwriter – and member of Ginger Wildheart & the Sinners, and The Dowling Poole.

Givvi is a West Midlands based singer (and singing teacher) who has shared both stage and studio with numerous musical talents throughout the country. She is available for live and studio session vocals and runs her own teaching practice from her home studio in the Worcestershire. You can make any enquiries for live or studio work through Facebook messenger. Givvi is Deputy Principal at The Voice College, has over 25 years of performance experience and holds a B.A. in Contemporary Voice along with a TVC Adv.Prof.Dip (Teaching) and a TVC Prof.Dip (Singing).




  1. Good Guys Givvi Flynn 3:42
  2. Without Emotion Givvi Flynn 4:44
  3. TV Is King Givvi Flynn 3:18
  4. Seven Day Summer Givvi Flynn 3:25
  5. Darlin' Givvi Flynn 3:43
  6. More Beauty Than Before Givvi Flynn 4:52
  7. Dirty Givvi Flynn 3:59
  8. Penny Arcade Givvi Flynn 4:15
  9. The Chauffeur Givvi Flynn 4:56
  10. I Did It Again Givvi Flynn 3:34
  11. Everyday Givvi Flynn 3:04
  12. Thieving From The Magpie's Nest Givvi Flynn 4:59